I write:

    • articles, blog posts, product reviews
    • website copy and social media posts
    • case studies, white papers, ebooks
    • interviews and profiles
    • scripts for video and audio

    I design and build:

    • websites for small businesses, service providers, and others

    I produce:

    • videos for websites, YouTube, and social media

    I consult on:

    • website UX
    • content strategy

    Ghostwriting Note: I'm available as a ghostwriter for articles, blog posts, and books. By tapping my journalism skills and your experiences, we work together to tell your story in your voice.


    I also design and lead walking tours and urban hikes in New York City and northern New Jersey. You can learn about that aspect of my business at New York on Foot.



    You can see some of my bylined and credited work at the links below. I've produced, written, edited, and rewritten a significant volume of work that is not credited to me by name, including online and print stories as well as broadcast news scripts for anchors and reporters.

    Clients and Employers

    I've worked for several major media companies, including Viacom, Thomson Financial, Ziff-Davis, and Fox Corporation. My staff jobs have been at WNYW/Fox 5 News, The Bond Buyer, Macmillan General Reference, and Plenum Press.


    Recent clients include Reviewed.com (part of the USA TODAY Network), Outdoors.com, RubyLaw, Delta Wealth Management among others.


    In the past, I've freelanced for India Abroad, Rediff.com, PC Magazine, Columbia Journalism Review (fact-checking and reporting), several book publishers, and private clients.


    I've also produced and edited website copy, newsletters, press releases, and social media posts for organizations and clubs, including the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Paine to Pain Trail Half-Marathon, and Hellgate Road Runners.


    Learning is a lifelong endeavor. I've earned various diplomas, certificates, and licenses, which have shaped me both as a storyteller and as a human. Some credentials are from well-known institutions while others are from proudly unaccredited and innovative providers that teach problem-solving and creativity.


    I hold two degrees from Columbia University in the City of New York: An M.S. from the Graduate School of Journalism and an A.B. from Columbia College.


    I'm proud of these degrees and grateful to have connected with extraordinary educators and classmates. But learning doesn't just happen at famous schools. (See the next item.)

    Other Training

    I've completed courses in content marketing, digital marketing, blogging, digital journalism, SEO, interviewing, travel writing, memoir writing, podcasting, wilderness medicine, tour guiding, and more.


    What some folks say about me.

    Headshot of Amy Roberts; she has brown hair and a blue sweater

    Amy Roberts

    Freelance writer and editor; former managing editor, Reviewed.com

    Arun is one of the most observant, conscientious, and ethics-driven journalists I've ever had the pleasure to know. If you want any topic covered carefully and thoroughly, he's your guy. What's more, he's extremely passionate and compassionate, throwing his all and then some into any project he sets his mind to.

    Headshot of journalist Alison Morris; she has short blond hair and a black top

    Alison Morris

    CEO, Francey Not Fancy; former anchor, NBC News & Fox 5 News

    Arun is one of the most thoughtful people I worked with at Fox 5, both as a human and in his job. Whether it was making sure we used just the right word or asking follow-up questions about a story that sparked his interest, Arun is someone who cares about getting every last detail right and learning as much as he possibly can from every story and situation. His curiosity and his caring are above and beyond. He's someone you can always count on, not only to do great work but also to start a conversation that gets your mind and creative juices flowing.

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